What Would A Vacation-Mindset Look Like as a Lifestyle?

Consider the mindset that you enjoy on vacation. You are free to set your own schedule, not worrying about what you have to do today, not worrying about the time — just being — minus the anxiety. Now imagine the mindset of being busy at work: doing one task while being anxious about many others, worrying that you may not be doing the right task, interrupted by others, distracted and stressed.

These are two different mindsets, and yet, what if we could enjoy the vacation mind while working? Well, we would need to forego the lazing around, but the mindset could be the same. This has the potential to result in a more sane lifestyle, not just living for the weekend or the little vacation time we have, but the ability to navigate life so that we are truly happier every day.

How can this be done? We would need to practice and develop a few small habits that will make more sense as we go along.

What would the vacation mind look like at work?

Often just thinking about work tasks can alter our mindset from relaxation to anxiety: worry for what we need to do, deadlines, dealing with difficult people, information overload, being on the right task, even concerns as to whether we may be missing out on something important. (A life, perhaps :)!)

A vacation mindset lets that anxiety go and is simply present in the current moment. Time is less important, enjoying yourself is the priority. You let go of the anxiety. You aren’t worried about getting it all done, or doing the right thing right now, or all the things you have to do later. You are immersed in enjoying whatever you’ve chosen to do at the present moment.

So how would this look? You choose to work on a particular task, perhaps writing something. You, obviously, have quite a list of things to do but this is the thing you decide to work on at the moment. Could there be other things you should be doing instead? Of course, there always are and will continue to be. As for the best thing to do right now, the moment of perfect certainty never comes, so just pick something and do it.

Practice being able to enjoy the task at hand. Let other tasks take their rightful place, the time to do them will come. Immerse yourself in the current task. Focus on enjoying yourself as you do it. At times, you may mentally step back, come up for air and take a look at the bigger picture, and then return back to the project. This is what I like to call “laser-focus”.

And you can do this when you talk with a co-worker or client. You can do this with an important email, or processing paperwork/small tasks, designing something, programming, creating art, helping a patient or student. This is a learned strategy / discipline and it is doable.

We can’t just flip a switch and be good at these things today … they take practice, like any other skill. I can say that they’re worth practicing, even if you never master them, because they can transform your relationship with work.

Here are the practices that you can consider working on a little every day:

  1. Pick something, get immersed in the act of being creative. Focus on the enjoyment of creating something that is uniquely your idea. Being able to work from this relaxing mindset affords you the time to think with a higher level of energy. This will play out in everything you endeavor to do.
  2. Let go of anxieties. This takes practice. Learn to recognize when you begin to feel anxious and notice the source of the anxiety. This is typically focusing on an outcome you want to happen, such as, looking good in front of others, being highly productive, controlling a situation, etc. Realize the desired outcome is merely a fantasy, and other outcomes can work out just as well. Realize that holding on to this fantasy of how it should turn out causes stress. Let go and restore your creative energy mindset.
  3. Come up for air and see the big picture. Diving in is great, but it is also helpful to step back at times, and assess what is going on around you. Notice people who are nearby and if anyone needs your attention, how you’re sitting (and whether you’re sitting too long), etc. Is there an appointment you should get to? See the big picture, then go back into immersion.
  4. Be less worried about time. Time is important but we can be mindful of it while not being “lorded over” by it. It matters that we show up on time for appointments we have, paying attention to completion deadlines, billing clients etc. There are times when we can waste time worrying about the time we need to do or not be doing something. Practice a balance of being aware of when time matters and when there can be some leeway.

You may be considering if this is truly doable. The answer depends on you. You’ll be surprised what you can do — if you have the “want to”. 

Choose to Enjoy Each Day…….. Sheri

How do I remain positive when life gets tough?

Perhaps, you’ve said or thought that happiness is something that must be achieved:

“When this is done, I’ll be happy.”  “When I own that, I’ll be happy.” “When I weigh less, I’ll be happy.”

Choosing a journey of going deeper with God, I’m learning to choose to be happy in any given moment. Taking control of my thoughts and actions, helps me become more content now!

Some actions were obvious good choices: going to bed earlier, routine exercise, being in the moment, singing to my favorite music…others were not that obvious: handling a nagging task, looking for the lessons in failed efforts, avoiding the temptation to gossip, and making the effort to declutter my home, life and schedule.

If a task can be done in under 2 minutes, I don’t put it off. Like Mama taught me, just get it done and you’ll be free of it. I’m learning to find pleasure in small victories and not just the moment of crossing a finish line.

It’s okay to take life a little less serious, to even be silly and go off the path and do the unexpected. These are key sources of enjoying this moment.

Choosing to be more light-hearted in both actions and attitudes, helps me to ask, “do I need to laugh more“, ”be kinder”,  “stop being critical” or “be more cheerful“?  Even when I don’t FEEL like it, if I focus on taking control of my emotions and doing the next basic ‘right’ thing, eventually my feelings catch up!

Every day that you choose to be content in whatever situations you face, can become your favorite day too!


Empowered by Solitude

Consider the benefit of solitude… In our fast-paced, high performing lifestyles, it is often very hard to find a time for solitude, and most of us try to avoid it anyway.

Why do we attempt to avoid it? I believe people may think of solitude as “loneliness” But they are two very different mindsets.
Loneliness brings to mind times when we have been down or have felt overlooked, unloved or rejected. Not so with solitude.

Solitude is a purposeful choice that we make to come apart, if you will, before we “come a-part”. It is a place where we recognize that we need to take a breather, to get a second wind in facing our lives and circumstances.

Isaiah, a major prophet in the Old Testament reported that …”in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” [Isaiah 30:15b] Solitude can be a divine appointment with ourselves in the presence of God only. It can be a place where we can determine our purpose for the here and now.

Be warned that there are many distractions that seek to monopolize our time and to prevent us from this wonderful opportunity for renewal that we find in separating ourselves to gain perspective.

Our dealings with difficult situations [or people] can best be put in proper perspective when we move away from the circumstance or person and evaluate the true issues of conflict or division, something that is rarely accomplished in a head-to-head debate.

Nothing good comes without cost, and solitude is no exception. The cost is that of separation and commitment to the effort of trading off some “good” plans or events for some in our “best” interest.

To attain the best from our times of solitude, we need to make it a priority. It is important that we learn to take care of ourselves, in order that we are best prepared to handle the other “important” issues of our lives. It is okay to prepare and equip yourself for difficult or stressful times.

A major benefit of solitude, when practiced on a regular basis, is good health [it’s fat free as well]. It de-stresses and energizes us when we make it a habit. We can experience better productivity in our work and projects and often, receive clarity, because our mind is cleared, concerning a problem that we have been perplexed by or perhaps just haven’t had the time to deal with appropriately.

Solitude helps repair the “noise” that we endure in so much of our waking lives. It brings a quietness and a calmness that will be a comfort to us as well as to others. Overall, solitude brings us to a place of peace and communion with our Creator, and can restore our hope to press on through rough times.

Do not underestimate the empowering characteristics of solitude. One final benefit, you will be in good company!


Encourage Enlightenment 

Each of us has a powerful message in our hearts. God ignites a candle in all of us. Once we come to the understanding of ‘why’ we are here, our pursuit becomes to find the ‘what’ that we are to be doing.

We often have big dreams of doing great things! We imagine the view from the top and it is the finished project and in our ‘vision’ it is fabulous. Then we roll up our sleeves to begin the grunge work. Not as delightful as our envisioned view from the top!

How do we gain and retain the motivation to stay the course? To build the house, write the book, start the business, make the long term commitment?

I believe we do this by encouraging the process of enlightenment in our lives. We begin the process of establishing the small, often simple, daily habits that lead to success in our endeavors. This will be a different recipe for each of us based on our unique desires and personality. It’s the variety of life that opens us up to be enlightened.

These habits are established by drawing a firm line in the sand and determining our willingness to do whatever it takes to experience the growth we each need on a personal level. This is the grunge work! 

To be successful in implementing our daily plans (the series of simple daily habits), we must first breakthrough our resistance to the things that will be diabolically opposed to our success. These will be different for everyone because each one of us is a unique individual.

These little “oppositions” may come in the form of negative attitudes, self-berating words, limiting beliefs, fear and doubt, laziness, believing the things about ourselves that come from an internal or external critical evaluator, and a possible myriad of other factors.

Finding the support and encouragement we need requires pro-activity. This involves putting one foot in front of the other and diffusing every thought, word or behavior that begs to do otherwise.

Another much needed addition to our lives to be our best (read: ‘our best’ NOT ‘the best’ – usually a fear or characteristic that impedes growth and success), is accountability. Allowing ourselves to build strong and trustworthy relationships helps us set in motion the relational capital with significant relationships, whereby, we give permission to someone to raise the questions that help us to stay on track.

This whole picture equates to living the authentic life God has designed for each of us. Authenticity requires vulnerability and transparency. No more hiding and deceiving ourselves about the what, when, way and how our best life can happen!

As we live in authentic relationship with others, and they see our willingness to truly be ‘who’ we are, we give them permission to be who they are as well.

This is what I like to call ‘Encouraging Enlightenment’. 

If we give and receive acceptance and freedom to be the person we truly are (requires relinquishing what isn’t working), we give others the gift of strength to step into a growth plan that affords them the same opportunity.

Acceptance and freedom from pretense and judgment are key players in learning to live our best life. We create that for ourselves but not by ourselves, by choosing to lay down our resistance and step into the growth process.

And why, you ask. Because our relationships, work, business, and our world, will only grow as much as we do! 

What is it that may be hindering you from your best life? Find your encouragement and be open to enlightenment. 

You will never be the same! And you can thank yourself later 😊


Spring Forward… Boost Your Momentum

It’s difficult to always feel great about what you are doing, choices you are making or the ones you have made and the impact you may be experiencing from them. If you don’t always feel the confidence level you would like to have, here are some thoughts for boosting the way you view YOU!

Learn to define success on your terms.  Many of us struggle because we have an inner voice that drives us to a goal of perfectionism. It’s that “I-should-bedoing-something-more” mindset. Often these expectations are programmed into us by family, our environment or culture. We may actually have no idea why we feel that good is never good enough.

Or we may be leaning toward views we hear on television, celebrity news or trends on social media. As you can imagine, most of us want to present ourselves and our lives in the best light. That is a good thing to remember when we read about or listen to others. No one is getting it perfect. Perfection isn’t even a goal to pursue, as it comes from an energy of fear… of failure, of what others will think, of being unworthy….

The goal is to do and be the best that we can… and that is what will boost our confidence level and allow us to feel gratification in the pursuits we undertake. This high standard of excellence (not the illusion of perfection) comes from an energy of confidence…. when we do our best, we don’t need the kudos to confirm that. We know!

Another thing to consider is that we do not have to absorb others’ beliefs and standards regarding the speed that we choose to do life. It’s best to consider what it is that we truly want and act accordingly.

Stand up straight and tall. (Like your mother told you) 🙂  Changing your posture not only changes the way you are perceived by others, but it can help you to see yourself in a more positive light. And it may actually change your body chemisty… increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone.

When you begin to stretch regularly, morning and at night, focusing on the neck, lower back, arms and legs, you will begin to crave it because it feels so good and gives you such a great energy boost.

For proper posture, ears need to be above the shoulders and shoulder blades back, with a bit of curvature in the lumbar spine. You will experience a better day which, when practiced consistently, can lead to a better life.

You have more control than you may think.  At times, it may feel that life just happens to us, when, in fact, we create our own reality. The latest scientific evidence indicates that our mindset, good or bad, happy or sad, plays a huge role in how our experiences unfold.

Obviously, there are events beyond our control, however, our reactions to them and how we choose to create the circumstances within our control can help us to feel empowered and build resilience. Much of what we concern ourselves with, may never happen. And if we experience the worst case scenarios, we need our energy and resolve, at that point, to be able to think on our feet and not cave under the emotional stress.

Be aware that building confidence is an inside and outside job. The better you feel on the inside, the better you will feel on the outside, and vice versa.  Consider that the routine you establish for your mornings, will pretty much dictate the remainder of your day. If you take time to have a quiet time of reflection, prayer, meditation, journaling or simply enjoying your coffee or tea before you have to dive into your routine for the day, you will reap it’s benefits throughout your day.

In turn, if you hit the floor running, having forgotten an early meeting, you can pretty much determine that all day it will seem that you are running behind. This adds to your stress, negativity and ability to manage your circumstances. Prepare yourself for your day, even if it means beginning the evening before.

Taking time to exercise, even for 10 or 15 minutes, does more than burn calories and inches. It speaks to you that you believe that YOU are important and it is a good thing for you to focus a little on yourself so that you can be your best self. The time you spend on you will improve the reflection you have of yourself, both in the mirror, and in your mental image.

And, as a result you will not only look but will feel much better.  Being our best, means that we appreciate and value others, and we can do that much better if, we start with loving and valuing ourselves. And, we absolutely reap what we sow!

Sheri xo

Life By Design™


Radical Obedience

I am a member of a church I love! It feels so much like family that I believe it provides a glimpse of what heaven will be like when we are all gathered in His Presence.

I delight in being a part of a fellowship that keeps me awakened to having a heart of mercy and compassion. My challenge comes when I consider how at times I have allowed myself to be lulled into thinking that what happens for God for good only happens inside the church building at a worship service.

Looking back at where I have been I am acutely aware that great things happen at church and this is where we are equipped and raised up to go into our little corners of the world and influence others to become whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ.

Out of the brokenness in the journey of my life, I have a stronger sense of what I believe to be the call of Christ on us as His church. I like to think of it as radical obedience.

I believe this to be a call to love (reach out and get to know and connect with) our neighbors, in ways that would seem radical in our culture. This is a challenge to throw off the status quo and really make a difference in the world by seeking to be different. We are all busy and inundated with so many responsibilities that we are doing life but not necessarily enjoying it.

Some time back, I rode through a neighborhood of older homes which housed families of fixed or limited incomes. Many were gathered on front porches, children were playing in the yards and on sidewalks together and though the means appeared to be limited, the genuine care and nurturing of one another was anything but lacking. It made me smile to remember many such times gathered together with folks on my grandmother’s front porch.

This image in my mind has convinced me that this is the picture of the true church. It is connecting where we live, work and play and not just where we go and all sit in the same building on Sunday. This is how a true family is built where time is spent building genuine, loving relationships. This is where we gain vision, encouragement, and support. And much needed guidance.

In these relationships the love of Christ is evident as we seek to develop a fellowship first with God and then taking what we hear in our quiet places and sharing that message with the world.

I have tasted the mystery of this simple beauty of sacred fellowship that comes when two or more are gathered together and He is in the midst of it and it has added a richness to my life that I never again want to live without. It is a depth that goes beyond the tradition of the church to a relationship with an untamed God, who is radical in His great love for us! It is an invitation to live trembling with joy in the presence of a holy God with a radical obedience, having the experience of a radical grace that compels me to want to know and serve this amazing God all of the days of my life.

I have reflected on these ideas as a result of having a season of R E S T as I prepared for and said goodbye to my mother, as she recently passed from this life into the arms of Jesus. God wastes nothing and I’ve needed each season that He has allowed in my life, even the ones that are difficult.

So my challenge to you is, what is it that God may be calling YOU to be radical about? And what are you preparing as your answer to Him?

Radical things happen in our own lives when we say “Yes, God”!


Cultivating a Winning Mindset

Our mindset can be defined as our belief system or the way we are programmed to think or operate. It is effectively our operating system! 

It has been said that “success is a one-degree change”, and we know that change is an action. Mindset is not just about thinking differently; knowing or thinking differently requires us to act by applying what we learn. Even being willing isn’t all that is needed, we must actually make the effort needed to operate differently. Essentially, once we “know better, we can choose to do better”.

Many of us may struggle daily with negative thoughts or mindsets that are challenging, such as: stress, worry, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, procrastination, irritation, anger, frustration, comparing ourselves to others, wishing things or people would be different, feeling offended, loneliness, fear of failure, wishing we could lose weight, gain muscle or be more shapely, feeling controlled, wanting to find the right person or wishing our partner could be more perfect, financial issues, ignoring problems we need to face, uncertain about choices, rushing from one task to the next, not liking our jobs, and / or a variety of other concerns.

In many cases these problems are self-created.

They’re real, but our tricky minds have created them. The problems are in our heads and are created by a particular ideal or expectation of how we hope the world would be but are afraid it won’t be. These mindsets can negatively impact much of our lives.

To change possible patterns that have helped to create our belief system, we can practice mentally letting go of all of the things that potentially set us on a downward spiral, and focus on this moment.  It offers an opportunity to focus on God, who never changes. This realization can empower us to have courage to choose to cherish this moment.  We can effectively let go of all of the anchors that bind us to the past, our fears, our disappointments or offenses and be able to relinquish whatever we need to, so we can cultivate our winning mindset.

Like exercise, starting slow and simple, we can build up over time. A rule-of-thumb for a one-degree change in a ship’s course is “1 in 60” i.e., for every 60 miles out at sea, it will then be off course by one mile… and for a 1000 miles out the variance in where it is heading would be off course by 16.7 miles. Small but definitely significant!

A simple change in your mindset (believing you can over believing you can’t) will help you be able to replace old and ineffective patterns with refreshing new ones and ultimately provide you with hope for a brighter future.  And hope can fuel your mindset for a long time!

Or you can go back to worrying about everything else if you choose.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

How Can I Not Waste the Seasons of Waiting?

Waiting is about developing an attitude of allowing God to grow me during times when I don’t have an answer for the questions I have about my life. It isn’t just about patience, but more about looking to God with expectation regarding what He is doing in my life and what He will bring into it.

During times of waiting, God strengthens me.  When I allow Him to use these opportunities to make me wise regarding methods He uses to provide a future and a hope for me, I gain so much from the time I invest simply waiting.

It is difficult to wait in a dark season. I am accustomed to not just standing there but to be “doing something”.

A few years ago, while living  in Atlanta, we had a rare occurrence of 2 inches of snow that began around lunchtime on a Tuesday. This resulted in some estimated 1.5 million people hitting the roadways to head home within about one hour’s time and ultimately it created a gridlock. No one could get anywhere. People were in their vehicles up to 20 hours. Whether you were the one in the vehicle or a family member waiting, it was not a pleasant place to be.

Reflecting back on all of those waiting, wondering, hoping, crying, and experiencing discomfort, as basic needs weren’t able to be met, I realize that in times like these we let go of our resistance to being a bit uncomfortable. Most of the time, we just want to hang out in our comfort zone without much focus on what we may gain by being stretched a little. The irony of the intense situation is the amazing stories of heroes and those willing to go out of their way for complete strangers. What a treasure we would gain if we could learn to lay aside our differences and make this an everyday practice.

My belief is that in my normal way of doing life, I avoid anything that would require me to wait. I will push all the limits to stay busy as opposed to letting up, coming up to breathe and allowing myself to be refreshed by just “being”. I, perhaps, have adopted some belief that doing is superior to being. This often prevents me from being uncomfortable or inconvenienced while making an effort to reach out to others in difficult situations. I am too busy “doing” to be able to offer any assistance.

I remember my mother telling me that I would slow down my life to a more enjoyable pace as I age. When she first said that I was a bit resentful, thinking that would never be a possibility for me because there is always so much to be done. Until I learned that those were words of wisdom. Why would I want to postpone enjoying the daily rest God provides?

I am learning to sip my morning coffee or tea a bit more slowly. I am staying on course with my desire to have a daily quiet time to reflect on God’s goodness and blessing in my life. I cherish the opportunity to pray for the people or situations on my heart as I wait for God to reveal His plan. When I allow His Spirit to guide my days, I can experience a freshness all the time in the way I think, talk, write, and in simply living in relationship with others.

What are you waiting for today? Trust, with all of your heart, that God has a plan. And when you need to know it, He will reveal it to you. Reflect on His faithfulness and enjoying just being … in His presence!

More than anything, while I wait, I am strengthened as my self-sufficiency is continually destroyed, and I avoid the staleness that comes from being out of sync with Him and His vision for me.

DownSize It, Please!

Wow! Don’t you just love those times in your life when it feels like you hit one out of the park?  Things just seem to fall into place like a well-greased gear and it is euphoria with sugar on the top!

I have longed to lose some weight in my life — off my hips (smile) and in the amount of items I own. It’s not that having stuff is bad or even undesirable. It’s just that there comes a point in life when it is just stuff and it doesn’t improve the quality of life. It does however, increase the responsibility in life.

Sometimes even things we buy for convenience can turn out to be less-convenient. Especially if we have to clean it, repair it, maintain it, remember to charge it up, or at the very least, walk or work around it.

I think that growing up in a small space is a contributing factor to the longing in my life to live with less. The two places I lived as a child, my house and my Grandma’s house. were small and cozy.  I’ve always been one that wanted to have all my favorite things nearby and to carry them with me when I travel. (I still enjoy a favorite blanket!)

I thought it was cool when I got an iPad because I could carry so many books with me everywhere and it was so easy. I’m not opposed to having the things I like. I’m just on a perpetual quest to be as efficient and effective in my life as possible, and to relinquish any excess that requires more responsibility without necessarily adding to the enjoyment of life.

So recently one of my dreams came true.

We sold our town home (3 stories which included 3.5 bathrooms) and transitioned to a small rental house for about 8 months and finally to an amazing one-bedroom apartment with a view that is incredible from our sunroom-office.

My hubby is Executive Director of The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Atlanta (FullerCenterofAtlanta.org) an Atlanta partner of the non-profit Christian housing ministry founded by Millard and Linda Fuller, also founders of Habitat for Humanity.  The objective is to partner with families who are willing to put in sweat equity and demonstrate an ability to payback a no-interest mortgage to improve their lives. (A hand up, not a handout).  Our belief is that everyone deserves a “simple, decent place to live”.

This process brought us face-to-face with the reality that we neither needed nor wanted all of the “stuff” we had accumulated over 50+ years of life. We like the freedom of living simply and having more time to do more things that we love. We wanted to position ourselves to be more purposeful in where we invest our lives going forward.

It began in 2011, when Jeff and I got on the same page to pay off all of our debt and get rid of our credit card. It has been fun, challenging and so worth the effort. And we did it! (The best part is getting to encourage others who are recognizing similar desires).

Amazingly enough, 10 months after we paid off our last debt, Jeff’s company made some changes and his job was eliminated. God is amazing to have given us a desire (and we were in agreement!) and then when the challenge came, we were better prepared.

So we sold our town home and now, even as I write, we sit together in our office in our new apartment both working on our computers and enjoying simply being.  It is liberating to feel so unencumbered.

We still have life challenges. They are just much different than before. Since we just moved, our new apartment did not come with a microwave. So we are on an experiment to see if we really need one. It’s been 3 weeks and we haven’t really missed it — well, unless you call not having to clean it as something I might miss (smile).

Downsizing has often been considered an unpleasant thing to happen. Typically, because, as in Jeff’s job situation, it means losing something or having something taken from you without you having any say in the matter. But, when making a conscious choice to live with less, realizing that less of some things actually means more of other things, you can leverage the way you navigate your life in your favor and it is very empowering.

Opening up your life so that you become aware of the many options you have provides numerous opportunities to live intentionally and on purpose. That, my friend, is freedom in it’s truest sense!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wife & Mom

What I Am Becoming is Way More Important than What I am Doing!

A bold statement: “What I am becoming is way more important than what I am doing”.

Yet, in reality, it is freeing. It allows me to stop worrying about producing and pay attention to the things I am learning, the ways I’m being stretched, and what is birthed in the way of fruit as a result of the choices I make in life.

We’ve probably all experienced the George Bailey (It’s A Wonderful Life) moments, where we wonder if our having been born really makes much difference at all. These ideas usually come on the tail end of a season of having things seemingly on a downturn. Much of these distractions, if we choose to focus on them, tend to keep us from happily “row row rowing our boat merrily, merrily, merrily, down the stream”. 

If we can consider that perhaps, what we are becoming through the processes of reflection, growth and change in our lives may be more important than whatever it is we are endeavoring to do, we may be able to endure the challenges of life more patiently.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”, he identifies the difference in our level of expertise in life according to a 10,000-hour rule. This “rule” is that when you have invested 10k hours in doing something, you are truly an expert at it. He parallels the lives of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, among others. It is a really good read about some interesting success stories, as well as motivational.

The importance is placed on what we are becoming in light of practicing and reading and engaging in repeated efforts around things we are passionate about.  I think of it like learning to write in cursive, or playing the piano, or whatever we endeavor to do well.  We don’t arrive at “being a master”; the art of mastery is in the becoming…the practice, the conscious thinking and focusing on, the commitment to continuing to get back in the ring, on the bike or horse, or at the keyboard, and the willingness to compete with only one…myself…as a means for improving today over yesterday.

It isn’t a striving; it is a growing process. It is natural like learning to crawl before we walk and like acquiring a taste for new things, whether it be food or adventure.

To enjoy life on a broader scale, be open to all things but attached to none.  Being open doesn’t mean you have to “do” all things; the openness (absence of judgment) frees us mentally to focus on the becoming. We celebrate and feel the exhilaration of what “can be” as opposed to fighting what can’t be or feeling hemmed in by all we “can’t do”.

I recently engaged in a conversation with a good friend as we discussed the “bearing of fruit” in our lives versus “producing fruit”. She had spent some time reflecting on her journey and what God’s Word says regarding the difference and it was very enlightening. We often strive to produce fruit. If we can frame our efforts in the matter of “bearing fruit”, it is a natural progression of building on to a well-laid foundation or a well-watered garden.

So, whatever you are facing at the present moment, if you are tempted to stress over all that you are doing, whether or not it is the right thing to do or try, consider that what you will learn in this season is another piece in what you are becoming. We are able to learn from all choices that we make and we benefit from everything we learn, so you can just go with it and welcome the awareness you now have around the art of becoming.

God has ignited a candle within each of us, a passion with potential to burn brightly in our sphere of influence. As we move into the process of becoming and away from the worry of “doing”, we will have more clarity in the many ways He will work in and through us so that we can take our candle and light our world.

What you do, may be forgotten tomorrow, but what you become will make all the difference!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wife & Mom