How Can I Avoid Relational Conflict?

Avoiding conflict seems like it would be the best thing to do to keep peace in our relationships. However, in my experience as well as coaching / mentoring others, I have found that ignoring tensions or avoiding conflict in relatinships, often becomes more painful than facing them. And facing conflict, with a goal to resolving it in a healthy way, can be considerably more pleasurable than avoiding it.

The biggest difference between a person who enjoys success and peace in relationships, and those who do not, is typically determined by how committed he / she is to managing conflict and resolution.

Negative options for dealing with conflict may include: avoiding it, giving in, becoming passive-aggressive or bullying the other person.

A positive, more beneficial way of resolving conflict may be to collaborate and problem-solve together, while committing to learn and grow by honoring the other person.

Sometimes the best way to avoid issues escalating, is to face them early on. Resolving conflict in your life is the pathway to intimacy, growth and peace in all of your relationships!

It never hurts to add a little humor….


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