What Happens When Life Happens?™

Sometimes Life happens in a way that puts us out-of-control. What can we do and where can we focus during these seemingly answerless seasons of life?.

Have you ever had a deep conversation with a trusted friend when you were perplexed about something? You probably didn’t walk away with all of your problems and concerns solved, but more than likely, you left with a lighter step and a clearer head. Your friend may have listened to your heart and encouraged you that things will work out.  It felt good to just be heard.

Establishing a deep connection with God by quietly sitting and sipping tea or coffee, taking a walk, journalling or other ways that refresh us,. can help us be open to good things that can come from our struggles when we have so much swirling around in our heads. A daily time and space for time in His Presence can provide light for our path, renew our spirit and give us strength to press on. Things often don’t change or get corrected over night. But, everything does eventually work out for the best, if we make the best of how they work out.

Regardless of the storms we face, we can find comfort in knowing that God doesn’t waste anything that happens to us.  And, who knows, one day we may write our own story about what really happened when life happened!

Points to Ponder: Think of a time when it seemed your world fell apart, reflect on what God was doing, how you “made” it through, and what you gleaned from it. 


One thought on “What Happens When Life Happens?™

  1. Sheri,

    I agree that journaling (talking to God on paper) is a great way of dealing with the curveballs of life. Of course, talking to a good friend — like you — always helps too.

    Have a Victorious Day!


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