How do I remain positive when life gets tough?

Perhaps, you’ve said or thought that happiness is something that must be achieved:

“When this is done, I’ll be happy.”  “When I own that, I’ll be happy.” “When I weigh less, I’ll be happy.”

Choosing a journey of going deeper with God, I’m learning to choose to be happy in any given moment. Taking control of my thoughts and actions, helps me become more content now!

Some actions were obvious good choices: going to bed earlier, routine exercise, being in the moment, singing to my favorite music…others were not that obvious: handling a nagging task, looking for the lessons in failed efforts, avoiding the temptation to gossip, and making the effort to declutter my home, life and schedule.

If a task can be done in under 2 minutes, I don’t put it off. Like Mama taught me, just get it done and you’ll be free of it. I’m learning to find pleasure in small victories and not just the moment of crossing a finish line.

It’s okay to take life a little less serious, to even be silly and go off the path and do the unexpected. These are key sources of enjoying this moment.

Choosing to be more light-hearted in both actions and attitudes, helps me to ask, “do I need to laugh more“, ”be kinder”,  “stop being critical” or “be more cheerful“?  Even when I don’t FEEL like it, if I focus on taking control of my emotions and doing the next basic ‘right’ thing, eventually my feelings catch up!

Every day that you choose to be content in whatever situations you face, can become your favorite day too!


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