The Second Time Around…

My grandmother always told me that when it came time to leave something or step away from it, to always leave it in such a way that I could step back in if I ever chose to. She said this should be done regardless of how the other person(s) reacted or responded. It would be something that I would do … for my own peace of mind.

This week, I was afforded the opportunity to step back into something and am thankful that I had followed Grandma’s Simple Wisdom for Living! The climate and dynamics change when you step back in, hopefully, by popular request, and have the opportunity to have another go at whatever it is that you will be doing.

You are not hindered by fear as much on the second go-round, as is often the case on the first time around. By virtue of the fact, that you were invited back, you have a bit of confidence (probably best not to be prideful in it), about performing your talents. Also, you are acquainted with systems and processes that can be overwhelming the first time.

It can also be an esteem builder. Leaving a situation so that it could easily be re-entered, allows others to hold you in high regard and will likely result in a much more enjoyable atmosphere for you.

Are there situations in your life that need a second look or perhaps a breather? If so, and you need to retreat or even break for good, you can choose to leave it in such a way that your options are open in the future. Regardless of comments spoken to or about you, you will know within your self that your efforts were a job well done. This will provide you a level of peace that will allow a pleasant thought process to be around the whole experience.

In today’s world of social media, where we are connected well beyond our face-to-face opportunities, leaving things in good repair can often help us in seasons to come.

What steps are you taking to influence your little corner of the world, today? When you stop in at Starbucks or Chickfila or wherever and speak a kind word to those who serve you, and clean up after yourself as you leave, the good thoughts that linger after the fact, will guide you from a more positive mindset.

Truly, who we are and how we will be perceived is based on the choices we make and impacts who we will influence!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wife & Mom


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One thought on “The Second Time Around…

  1. Sheri,

    Congrats on getting another opportunity to do what you love! It’s always a good idea to leave a good impression (if possible) — not only for future opportunities but because it glorifies God. So happy for you girl!

    Have a Victorious Day!


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